Feb 28 2019
10:02 am
By: Badtaxman

Final Edition

Due to the lack of interest in trying to get some support to stop the assessor from raising your property taxes. This is my last response on appealing to the State Board of Equalization Commission.

If you should decide to appeal your assessment. I leave you with these last couple of pointers.

Last step is as follow: Do not appeal to the state unless you have a current appraisal and the appraiser that is willing to appear with you at the appeal hearing. Anything less and you might as well not appeal as you will lose.

Next, once you file your appeal you will get a notice of your hearing date. When you get, the notice it will inform you of when you must provide your documents to the state and the county assessor. Please understand that the assessor will use your own documents against you. When you get a date to submit documents make sure that “whatever you do, do not provide your documents more than one (1) day before that date they are due”
The county assessor will get the same notice that you get and they must also provide documents on what they will be presenting to the state and you. You must not give them time to respond to your documents or to setup a defense, they will employ an attorney to question you and your appraiser. It is up to you to not provide them with your documents or appraisal before the due date. If you should decide to be the good tax payer and send in everything early you will lose!!

Last but not least, I have appealed five (5) times and I have lost five (5) times. All I can say, it has not been a good experience and I wish it on no one. My advice to you, is do not waste your money and don’t appeal unless you are totally prepared to lose!!


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