Jan 31 2019
02:41 pm
By: Badtaxman

I am going to start writing informational articles in my opinion about the County Tax Assessor. I want to tell everyone in the County about county tax assessor along with senior tax appraiser and how they are raising your property taxes. They start with a property reappraisal which starts the process. If you appeal your increase and go before the Board of Trustees by yourself without an appraisal and the appraiser you will lose, most of the time. If quit them and don’t take it to the next level of appeal, you will be a winner. If you should file the next level appeal and go before the Board of Equalization Judge from State Capital. You need to have again an appraisal and the appraiser with you or you will lose before it even starts. If you should follow all the steps you might have a chance of a small reduction. In most cases the senior appraiser will be there and he will present a set of comps to disprove your appraisal and shows your property value to much higher he will also try to have the judge approve a new tax increase on your property taxes. If you’re like me you will take the next step and go before the Board of Equalization Commission. At this point thing will really start getting good!!! The best thing to do is don’t appeal at all, but if you’re like you won’t be able to let go! I think there are many of you that know what am saying and you’ve experienced this for yourself.

My goal is to get enough tax payers interested in maybe starting a class action lawsuit. If we do not get our taxation under control, we will be the losers and the underhanded increases and appeals will run the fixed income people out.

For now, consider this to be a work of fiction!?


Thanks for going after a ticklish subject

I have long had questions about the Board of Equalization. They have been reversed so many times after property owners took it to the State for remedy that one has to wonder what's actually going on. While I don't favor a lawsuit, I do think we need some transparency in the process. Maybe that is the only way to get it?

Anybody else have experiences to share?

Property tax

I agree with you but, most of the people I have talked with think the only way to get the assessor under control is a lawsuit. When the county assessor can get any assessment, that they want the Board of Equalization to approve. There not going to change. No matter how may appraisals or appraisers you bring before them they will not agree because it will set up a precedent she does want. To do what she doing to the property owners is just not right and I feel its government corruption at its worst. It is Taxation without representation within the county assessor office put upon the property tax payers in an underhanded way. The bottom line is, no one can afford dollar wise to fight assessor!

The last time I appeared before the Board (this year) I had two appraisers and five appraisals and I still lost. They raised assessed value for year 2017 which was $590,000 and 2018 from at $678.500 which already way too high to $849,000. The appraised value average over the five appraisals is $475,000. You have to ask yourself why the State Board of Equalization would approve this kind of increase after the appraisers defending their appraisals and proved their value was correct. You would think you would win your appeal. However, the senior appraiser of the county over rides like he a god. Even two state certified licensed appraisers and seven appraisals and the Counties Senior Appraiser still get the increase he wants approved for $849.000. Something is really wrong in our county and it need to be fixed!!

I have been before the local commission twice, before the board Judge three times and before the state board Commission twice and I have lost every time!! No a good feeling at all.

If it look like fiction it must be a joke!!

Thanks for your input I appreciate it,


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