Feb 11 2019
01:00 pm

Continuation #2

The continuing Tax Assessor saga

One of the assessor’s tools is intimidation. Their bible is “Winning Through Intimidation”. How does it all work? Well, step one is a raise in your property taxes. You will undoubtedly question why the increase? If you are like me you take the next step and file an appeal. Now is when the trouble starts, when you appear before the Local Board of Equalization. Unless you have talked with someone that has already been before the Board you will more than likely fail to get a reduction. If you do like I did you’ll will bring all the documentation to prove they are wrong about your assessment. The first question regardless of what your documentation is, will be is do you have an appraisal? More than likely you did not put out the $400+- to get one. If by chance you did get an appraisal the next will be, is your appraiser here? You will find that most appraisers do not want anything to do with appearing before the Board. Once again intimidation is at play as the appraiser works and make a living in the county and there could be a problem if you can understand what I mean. At this point the Board will tell you that they will let you know what their deaccession is by mail. You more than likely get a no change order from the Board and that is it there is no going back.

Something I do not want to leave out. At every hearing you appear at, you will find that the senior county appraiser will be in attendance. He will provide the hearing with every bit of information about your property and some comp you have never seen. Inputs will be made about your property being under appraised. Now is when the real intimidation gets started and you get you first property tax increase. One of two things will happen next. You will give up and more than likely say I don’t want any more increases. This where the tax assessor has achieved the goal by Winning Through Intimation. If this don’t set well you will take the next step.

Next, is option number two after losing at the local Board level is to appeal to the State of Tennessee. This step is were you will appear before a State of Tennessee Judge to hear your appeal. The same game will be played. The same questions will be asked, do you have an appraisal, is your appraiser here? Once again, the senior county appeaser will be there to make sure that everyone knows your property is under value and needs to be increased. Also, you get the same ending which is you be notified of the judge’s decision by mail. Hope for the best as it will be one or the other. You get a no change order or you will another tax increase order. There are two more options left after this one.


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