Aug 19 2023
06:37 am

Monty Fritts is living down to expectations as our State Representative, Demonizing the "left" for supporting the Governor's call for a Red Flag Law, which ask judges to keep weapons out of the hands of demonstrably violent or mentally ill people, such as the person who killed three nine year old school children and three adults at the Christian Covenant School in Nashville.

One has to wonder if Fritts is receiving enough campaign money from weapons lobbyists or if he's just enamored with guns? Senator Yager, who I usually think has kinder leanings, seems to be on the side of the shooters as well. Why is this?

How deep does the gun lobby have its claws into our legislature? The legislature continues to vote against the will of Tennessee citizens:

Vanderbilt Poll: majority of Tennessee voters support red-flag laws
Conducted three weeks after Covenant School shooting, the poll found 3 in 4 Tennesseans support measures taking guns from people at risk for harming themselves or others


The Roane County News story on this is as unbalanced as it can get. I am greatly saddened.

Guns are the leading cause of death for Tennessee children

But Wait... There's More!

The officers escorted Carter and her mother home. Carter had packed a go-bag, and she wanted to get her ID and the paper copy of her protection order. One of the officers, who was still in training, did a sweep of the yard.

According to Carter’s family, the officers suggested that if she saw Leggett with a gun, she should try to take his photo.

Then the police left.

Ten minutes later, according to police records, Leggett busted down the door and shot Carter.


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