Aug 10 2023
08:19 am

The carnage from our recent storm is horrendous to see. Our house power line is underground, and while there have been dozens of outages in the 32 years we have lived here (all cured by the good efforts of hardworking utility folks on murderous overtime), none have been due to the drop to our home.

I predict we will see more trees cut down to protect power lines from the ever increasing fury of global warming enhanced storms.

Think about that!

And as our power comes back on we can watch from a distance as Hawaii burns and Republicans do everything they can to block Biden and Democrat efforts to combat the horrible tragedies of global warming.

Already happening...

I know of one major US City that is now removing even the smallest of woody plants and small trees from under it's power lines in every neighborhood. White it is not the storms that are the problem, it is the heat dropping the lines down below the 25' and hitting trees/subtrees/shrubs that were previously approved for planting.

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