Feb 11 2008
09:34 am
By: WhitesCreek

157,000,000 gallons of drinking water leaked out of Oliver Springs waterlines in 2007. That's an astounding figure. Let's say that the OS water department serves 15,000 people and they use 150 gallons a day each. Let's see...150 times 15,000 equals 2,250,000 gallons...So they're leaking 70 days worth of water?

Something's wrong with somebody's numbers. Feel free to check mine. I used guess-timates, so feel free to pass on the actual numbers. It looks like OS water customers are paying for 20% more water than they are getting.

Harriman's water loss was

Harriman's water loss was around 35%, the last time I checked. Their explanation was that it was from the water used from (unmetered)fire hydrants (by fire dept.), leaks etc.

35% of the entire would be

35% of the entire would be very hard to discharge form fire hydrants. Leaks, I'd buy.

157M gallons is a huge

157M gallons is a huge number. I read in another article that Oliver Springs serves 5,000 customers and pumps 25M gallons per month from Bacon Springs. So the leakage equals over 6 months of intake. Yep, if that number is correct something needs to be done.

This looks like one of those

This looks like one of those cases where they have to spend money to keep pumping so much water because of the leaks and they can't fix the leaks because they don't have the money.

With politicians, for some reason, the maintenence budget always gets cut, and then they start pointing fingers at maintenence when things quit working.

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