Feb 19 2017
09:30 am

This is scary. Either back this up or resign!

The Wilson County lawmaker had an exchange with a woman who said that she knew a local Muslim family and they were good people and “wouldn’t hurt anybody,” but there were some who were “adamant” about harmful acts.

In an audio recording of the town hall obtained by The Tennessean, Beavers responds by saying that we were with “intelligence people” this week who told her that Muslim terrorists were moving into the Bible Belt to orchestrate a jihad and “infiltrating churches.”


Feb 18 2017
08:58 am
By: CloudRainbow!/Obituary

Joy in her friendship.

Feb 17 2017
08:06 pm

But the State money only goes to private companies. So since we are served by a city owned utility we don;t apply?


Feb 17 2017
07:23 am

Front page top story today is a teacher arrested for harassment of his ex wife's boyfriend. There are several things about this story that bother me but mostly that it is on the front page of our only newspaper. Our paper certainly wants to show Roane County in its best light. The other thing is that it contains atrocious grammar.

“Mr. Morris stated that Mr. Plemens started yelling at him and saying that he had not forgot about him. He also stated that Mr. Morris had went after the wrong woman and they would cross paths one day.”

And no, I'm not linking to this story.

Feb 16 2017
06:07 pm

No, honest...I was talking about the cat...



Feb 16 2017
12:33 pm

Annual Multi-County Talent Show!

Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 6 PM

Entry forms available @

  • Vocal
  • Instrumental
  • Dance
  • Art

Divided into age groups:
K-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th

$25.00 entry fee

Erin Miller: 423-807-0736
Vera Scarbrough: 423-539-6976 (C) -423-369-9533 (H)

Feb 16 2017
08:45 am

It should be clear enough to see the International Space Station. It's big and it's fast. You'll know it when you see it. With strong binoculars you cam make out the shape.


Time: Thu Feb 16 7:06 PM, Visible: 6 min, Max Height: 65°, Appears: 10° above NW, Disappears: 10° above SE

Feb 15 2017
12:28 pm

You know...this could get real fun, real fast!

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) today was appointed by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and approved by the House Democratic Caucus to serve on the House Committee on Ethics. In 2008, then-Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi referred to Congressman Cohen ...


Feb 14 2017
06:59 am

Valentine's Day originally was probably around May 3, having its roots in a Chaucerian scribbling to celebrate the arranged by treaty wedding of King Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia.

The February holiday's roots are in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15. Pope Gelasius I recast this pagan festival as a Christian feast day circa 496, declaring February 14 to be St. Valentine's Day.

Regardless, I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Valentine's Day!

It's no secret that elected R's don't pay much attention to their constituents, preferring to hob knob with lobbyists instead. The lengths some of them are going to to hide from hostile crowds of constituents would be amusing if it weren't so frightening. Humphrey has the word on a few of these:


Feb 10 2017
09:46 am

Let's cut the Environmental Review Board some slack. They are appointed volunteers. My experience with them is that they mean well and are trying to do a good job for us. Apparently folks didn't hear what they wanted to hear at the hearing. My solution is to ask the scientists what we can do and expect and then do what they tell us to do.

The bottom line is that we will never get rid of invasive plants in Watts Bar Lake and must shift to a management scenario. Some folks seem to be stuck on the triploid (sterile) grass carp as the "obvious solution". Problem is that experience shows this doesn't work. In fact, for a large reservoir like Watts Bar Lake it will make the problem worse. Here is an excerpt from one state's web site on the problem:

Grass carp are generally not recommended for milfoil control because milfoil is not a highly preferred food. Some research has indicated that grass carp have food preferences and will consume more palatable plant species, such as pondweeds and waterweed, before they will eat milfoil. As a result, the concern is that they can enhance milfoil growth by removing competition from native plants and opening up more area for milfoil to colonize.

So we can let landowners contract on their own to pay to have chemicals sprayed into the lake from which most of our drinking water comes, or we can act as one to promote the best solution. TVA has given notice that they are abandoning efforts to control the weeds in Guntersville lake, so those folks will be onb their own pretty soon too.

We'd better get going on this. And not just us. Fishing and recreational boats will soon have spread this to every lake in TN.

The state Department of Children’s Services is moving to convert part of the Mountain View Youth penal center into a privately run treatment center, reports WBIR-TV.

Rob Johnson, DCS spokesman, stressed Thursday the Dandridge center itself will remain open. But the state argues that in its traditional role as a “secure” center for hardened juvenile offenders Mountain View is now underused. DCS announced the development Thursday afternoon.


Does "underused" mean the state wants to put more juveniles into lockup? Remember that the for profit prison industry lobbies heavily against de-criminalizing pot.

Think about that.

Feb 9 2017
12:25 pm

Let's face it, there is a fair bit of alcohol consumption at public events. Isn't it time the County and the cities sold it to take control over it and make the revenue it would bring in?

Most municipalities start with limited sales in a designated area to see how it goes. History shows that it goes quite well in every place that has made the move to allow controlled sales of alcohol at events.

Oak Ridge is selling beer and wine at it's Secret City Festival:

After some questions and debate, the Oak Ridge Beer Permit Board voted unanimously to again allow the Secret City festival to have beer sales this year.


Feb 9 2017
08:36 am

*Public Notice

TVA Funding Statement:

TVA no longer receives any appropriations to help with management of aquatic plants. This has led us to taking a more valley wide approach to management, and focusing our efforts only on public access areas (parks, boat ramps, etc.) to best meet the needs of our stakeholders. There is one exception to this currently: We continue to do residential and commercial shoreline management on Guntersville with the understanding that we will be slowly stepping down as the primary funding source in the next few years. This model is how we will handle stakeholder groups on other reservoirs from here on out. For example, should Watts Bar put together a stakeholder group and agree on management, the stakeholder group would need to have identified supplementary funding and obtained that funding before a similar plan would take place

Special Note: We are in the third and final year of fully funding the Guntersville program along residential and commercial shoreline. Next year, we fully anticipate to reduce funding by 1/3 and will continue that reduction through 2019. We will continue to fully fund
management efforts along developed, public shoreline.

Thanks to the Watts Bar Lake Association for posting this.

Tax-deductible donations must be in by March 1. They have already raised all but $350. Please consider helping these students. (link...)



Commissioner Junior Hendrickson said he learned several things from the workshop. “We can manage the weeds but we can’t eradicate them,” he said. Hendrickson wondered why TVA could come up with a billion dollars to remediate the ash spill but does not have money to address the weed problem.

He said he would be in favor of forming a committee to address the problem.

“We have to do something,” he said.

A subscription is required for this RCN story. (link...)

Feb 8 2017
07:12 am

Oh Great...

U.S. Reps. Phil Roe, John J. Duncan Jr., Chuck Fleischmann and Scott DesJarlais as well as Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker voted for mountaintop-removal mining, a vote that would no longer protect Tennessee’s streams, forests and drinking water from coal pollution. The residents of Tennessee have been fighting mountaintop-removal mining for years, and now our congressmen voted for it. Do they no longer care about Tennessee?

These six congressmen also voted for abolishing background checks on gun purchases by people with mental issues. Really? They want people with mental problems to be buying guns. I can only imagine how much the National Rifle Association has paid for their votes.


Unfortunately this only shows the topics and has little meat in it. I'll ask some Commissioners what they thought?


Feb 7 2017
07:07 am

Hey, if the Presidential spokesperson can flat our lie at news conferences, why can't lowly state senators get away with the same thing?

Sen. Paul Bailey @PaulBaileyforTN
Despite what the media may report several of the protesters admitted that they had been paid to be at the TN Capitol.
9:26 PM - 30 Jan 2017

When pressed about his sources, Bailey said he couldn't reveal them due to security reasons. Later he posted a video as proof. He claimed they were buses loaded with protesters. Then he deleted the video after a news reporter pointed out that the buses he showed the video of were just actually buses carrying legislators to meet with lobbyists (read: wined and dined).

Folks, I don't care what party you support, we cannot tolerate being lied to. Democracy in America is fundamentally dependent upon the voters knowing the facts.

Feb 6 2017
06:43 pm

Whoever did this...Even if they don't catch are still a piece of low life scum!



Feb 6 2017
08:55 am

Humphrey has it. (Check the responses for some extra insight)


Feb 6 2017
08:47 am

Shenanigans special opening event from 5 - 8 pm Thursday February 9th

Many of the studio artists at the Shenanigans cooperative are also Roane County Arts Council members, so all ACRC artists are invited to display their work for the evening with no contract.

If you plan on bringing artwork, please contact Becky at 865.376.7524 to reserve space.

The Shenanigans Gallery will also have copies of the standard non-coop member contract available at the grand opening event.

Have questions? Call Jenni Kelly at 931.284.8065 or Becky Brunton at 865.376.7524. Hope to see you Thursday evening, February 9th, for yummy soups and beautiful artisan bowls.

Shenanigans Art Studios
110 N. Front Street, Rockwood, TN 37854

As proposed, Gov. Bill Haslam’s transportation funding package would eliminate 57 positions dedicated to enforcing drunken driving laws by district attorneys general staff across the state. The Times-Free Press reports the governor is open to address the resulting concerns of prosecutors.

The provision in question in the governor’s legislation, which would also raise fuel taxes, would outlaw open containers of alcoholic beverages in cars on the road. Because Tennessee doesn’t already have an open container prohibition, $18 million in federal highway funds cannot be used for road construction and maintenance and instead goes to other programs – including $6.5 million now used for special DUI prosecutors, training and police overtime for DUI enforcement. With passage of the governor’s plan, all $18 million would be shifted to road construction.


Feb 1 2017
09:03 am

I'm trying to boil this down to a bottom line. One thing is obvious, the smallest and least efficient school in Roane County has a strong bunch of backers. What I haven't seen is how these scenarios fit future Roane County growth patterns? Where are the young families going to locate to access jobs?

Scenario 1 (3 schools) keeps Midway and Oliver Springs and combines Harriman, Roane County High and Rockwood into one new school.

Scenario 2 (3 schools) keeps Midway and builds two new schools. The Roane County High district would be split between the two new schools.

Scenario 3 (4 schools) This one is unclear to me: Some students would go to a new school with Harriman and Rockwood students and others would go to a new school with Oliver Springs students. Keep Midway and Oliver Springs and combine Harriman, Roane County High and Rockwood into one new school.

Scenario 4 (2 new schools) The Roane County High district would be split between the two new schools. Some students would go to a new school with Oliver Springs, Harriman and Rockwood. Others would go to a new school with Midway students.

Scenario 5 (1 new school) one new high school to serve the Midway, Oliver Springs, Harriman, Roane County High and Rockwood districts.

Jan 28 2017
07:00 pm

This is really cool to see. Take the kids outside and watch. You'll know it when you see it. Big and fast!

Time: Sat Jan 28 7:34 PM, Visible: 2 min, Max Height: 45°, Appears: 25° above W, Disappears: 44° above NNW

Jan 26 2017
10:32 am

Hey folks, let's manufacture a problem so we can divert attention from things that we're doing to wreck Tennessee for Tennesseans.


Jan 26 2017
07:43 am

If you get your news ONLY from FOX you might think this is true:

Trump on his speech to the CIA

That speech was a home run. That speech, if you look at Fox, OK, I'll mention you -- we see what Fox said. They said it was one of the great speeches. They showed the people applauding and screaming and -- and they were all CIA. There was -- somebody was asking Sean -- "Well, were they Trump people that were put--" we don't have Trump people. They were CIA people.

The CIA let us know that these were Trump staffers, not CIA people. America needs to have its President sit for a psychological evaluation as soon as possible.

KnoxViews has the link to the transcript of Trump's interview. Warning...It is difficult reading.

This is weird. The TN Professional Privilege Tax brings in $80,000,000.00 of tax revenue each year. Think what our parks and schools could do with that money!But no! Lobbyists need a tax break...


Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.