Nov 29 2007
04:10 pm
By: SRSSPublicist

A new group of concerned homeowners, business owners, educators, students, clergy and others who live or work in Roane County has formed Save Roane Starry Skies.

The mission of this citizens’ group is to recover and preserve the beauty of the starry night skies in Roane County. By encouraging responsible outdoor lighting for security, energy conservation, and aesthetics, they want to pass along the heritage of beautiful night skies to their children before this heritage is lost to light pollution.

Light pollution is light that shines outward or upward that results in the unnecessary waste of electricity and produces glare that can dangerously impair visibility. At the same time, this light pollution washes out the natural darkness of the night sky. The goal of this newly formed group is to promote well-shielded and well-designed lighting that will keep property values high, property taxes low, reduce the county’s use of costly, polluting fossil fuels and improve public safety.

In addition, Save Roane Starry Skies would like to recognize and applaud Blount County for passing a zoning resolution for commercial and industrial development on November 15, 2007 which addresses light pollution.

To learn more about well-designed lighting and how it affects you as well as the newly passed ordinance in Blount County, please visit the website

You may also join their email news group at or contact them at Save Roane Starry Skies, P.O. Box 1011, Kingston, TN 37763-1011.


Way to go! :)

I see that the site is registered to Jeffrey Haun of Lenoir City, but he is not listed as an officer. Is this an IRS 501(c)(3) group yet? :) Just curious.

Anyway, more power to them! :)

I won't join their group because it's on Yahoo, where there are some privacy concerns, but I'll see if there is some other way to help. :)

Thanks for the news!

-- OneTahiti


He is not an officer, however, helps us manage our website as most of us are html illiterate. We are not a 501(c)(3) group due to the fact that we are so small and the paperwork is outstanding. At this point in time, it is not advantageous for us to do that. Concerning Yahoo!, please feel free to contact us via snail mail or ask to stay up-to-date through this blog. I will post some updates/workshop info once it becomes available. Thank you for your support!

Thanks for the info! :)

and best wishes! :)

-- OneTahiti

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