Sep 16 2007
08:42 pm
By: Corvus

A Descrptive term:

I recently became aware of this term which is very descriptive of many of the ills of our times. One of my grandsons, Tommy (aka Your Next President) came up with this term while he was describing the procedure with which his classmates are using to choose the direction of their lives after graduating from college, specifically UT.

It appears that many, if not most, of these about to be college graduates are attracted to the jobs, positions or professions by the criterion of which ones pay the most money. The old motives like ”how can I make a difference”, “what can I do to make the world a better place to live” or “what am I personally best suited to do with my life” seem not to be considered these days. It’s simply “how much does it pay” !!

Thus the term “Green Opiate”. It is actually a modern day addiction to the dollar. The more you think about this phenomenon, its similarity to drug addition becomes more apparent. We all know folks with this addiction. The more “green” they have, the more they need, with an unending appetite for more. They seemed to get hooked on this stuff and there appears to be no rehabilitation therapy available.

It appears that the addiction to this Green Opiate is rampant in our society and has become a menace to our entire capitalistic system, even up thru our political leadership, especially the present regime.

It may be time to develop a nationwide rehabilitation therapy for these lost souls in an attempt to demonstrate to them that there is more to life than the hoarding of the green stuff.



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