May 10 2019
04:57 pm

A "pissing contest" for real.

This is from TN State Representative Gloria Johnson...

Tennessee, when your friends are calling you asking you to explain who peed in whose chair, I think it is time for folks to really pay attention to who they are voting for.

Yes, a journalist got a tip that someone peed in a legislator’s chair and this is where we are.

To be clear, I never had to deal with this in 27 years of teaching elementary, middle, and high school.

Although urine has no dna,

Although urine has no dna, there could be cells in the urine that do. The material, from the chair, should be sent in to have it analyzed.

...and speaking of analyzing, I also feel all candidates running for office should be drug tested. They hold in their hands decisions that could affect the lives of millions of people. We need politicians with clear minds when making these decisions. Businesses do why not politicians?

I would settle for a

I would settle for a breathalyzer test before each vote.

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