Oct 7 2009
03:34 pm

Wonder what will be accomplished this time?

I'm still wondering what has

I'm still wondering what has been accomplished before.

LTRC meeting

Randy Ellis replaces Bobby Renfro, who resigned from the LTRC and the CAG.

Anda Ray was told that she lied to the Gupton's, directly by Sandy Gupton. Way to go Sandy! The issue surrounds many things - but isn't it odd that TVA would buy out the Gupton's renters but yet withdrew negotiations with the Guptons? all on the same property boundaries!

Anda Ray danced around the evidence Randy Ellis presented about TVA's statements, made by Anda, regarding the third appraisals. Thank goodness that there has been hours of recordings during the LTRC meetings as TVA has a convenient history of not recalling or "did not say that" statements.

The new EPA dude, the mid-phase Leo dude, was informative and basically discussed the possible 3-4 alternatives concerning Fly Ash Removal. As I recall,

Alt 1: remove all the stuff that was displaced and take is somewhere else, anywhere else, but don't leave it here!

Alt 2: remove all the 2.5 million yards plus 3.5 million c yards and take it somewhere else (that includes the ruptured cell).

Alt 3: leave it all right here, build a "hoover dam" to hold it in.

Alt 4: I cannot recall the conversation on this.

Note: I think there has been a lot of discussion about the Alt 3 - Hoover Dam project, just my take. I think the stuff will be placed on the Berkshire / Swan Pond area - behind a Hoover dam - cement.

The ponds are to be restored to ground level with aquatic life and environmental monitoring: 3 - 5 year plan.

A presentation by ORAU by the friendly physican who will be doing the examinations. Serious concerns presented by the audience:

1) who owns the medical records
2) will TVA use the records in legal actions
3) what about future - long term studies of health
4) what if a tested person has a pre-existing conditions? what happens then to the findings by ORAU on that person?
5) what about future individual underwriting for insurance policies (health, life, etc insurance) of a currently healthy individual who tests positive for some exposure discovered by ORAU?

And, I wonder, if the medical physician who is so valued and experienced is the only dude in the world who knows about coal ash issues, why is he working for ORAU? This doctor may be good but we all know that the best of the best physicians are usually very high in demand and I cannot image the link between ORAU and the hiring the BEST physician, the only physician who knows this stuff called fly ash. And, after viewing the video, which I'm sure was staged and rehearsed, as well as written by someone authorizing from TVA, I question the credibility of such testing.

Lord knows I will not be tested by anyone affiliated or associated with TVA.

That's about all I remember. Teri, from the Roane County News, will likely have better notes, and it was recorded by two sources.

The Berkshire / Swan Pond area MUST be cleared

The Berkshire / Swan Pond area is NOT lined. It MUST be cleared. Not clearing these waterways and wetland will allow the stuff in the ash to leach into the ground water. OMG! If they are going to build a dam, why can't the stuff be returned to where the failed cells are? They are already building a "test cell" there. A landfill is in NO WAY better than the beautiful natural waters and wetland by the church and cemetery. Wasn't "Church Slough" supposed to be the model for how they were going to cleanup all the waters and wet lands! More TVA lies! More destroyed trust!
No wonder no one trust TVA!
Outraged (I guess that was obvious),

Not clearing these waterways

Not clearing these waterways and wetland will allow the stuff in the ash to leach into the ground water. OMG!

Hasn't that been happening for the last 50 years? As far as I know the retention pond the failed was not lined to keep leaching from occurring. Has it ruined the groundwater already? I hope not... I was told I have been drinking water from a spring in the Swan Pond area for the last 5 years. They disconnected the line coming into Kingston when the slide occurred and put us on regular city water.

Berkshire / Church / Swan Pond sloughs

I must have projected a false image. The sloughs must be put back to pre-12/22 condition (down to the dirt) and will be restored with aquatic and flora.

The suggested "hoover dam" concept is only an alternative and the site has not been identified. I was speculating with all the property owned by TVA, thanks to the 12/22/08 disaster, tva has much more land to be utilized. thank goodness the Baptist Church as not been purchased by TVA.

sorry for the scare.

Well I believe the waterways

Well I believe the waterways should be restored to what they looked like on 12/21/08 period! And I think the best option is option 2 remove it all and make the failed cells ground level. And if that fails then lets restore the are to the pre TVA invasion. Lake beds and all. I am curious if some of the people that live out side the Swan Pond area that are suggesting leaving the ash in the water ways and cap it would like for their back yard to be filled with ash and capped?

Randy Ellis

Residents on Swan Pond Road & the Circle Road

From our perspective, and I think I represent the general population though this is my editorial, we would like Option 2. After all, who wants to live next to the TVA Dam of Ash? It was ugly before 12/21, far more ugly after 12/22 and the best thing for us and our property values would be Option 2.

I fear, however, that so many have left our area and since TVA is continuing to purchase folks out, our voices will be lost.

The population of Swan Pond has been ever decreased and I would love to see a population analysis of Swan Pond & SP Circle Road prior to 12/21/08 v. today. And, we know of more folks moving out.

It's a bad deal for us, regardless. But, Option 3, I'm afraid will be the likely choice.

Remember when Tom Kilgore told us at the Methodist Church meeting in Harriman, "...we will make you whole, we are a good corporate neighbor, we will treat you right, ... we will have this cleaned up in six to eight weeks..."

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