Jan 9 2023
11:20 am
By: WhitesCreek

The Tennessee Legislature is back in session and no man, woman or child is safe. One of the first things they will take up is to slightly lessen the egregious harm that the TNGOP's murderous abortion law does. As it stands now, for instance, Republican extremists in TN have sentenced a woman with an ectopic pregnancy to death. Yet some women will vote for a Republican. I don't understand voting for your executioner.

Speaking of executioners, Gov. Bill Lee has fired the commissioner of the Dept. of Corrections and appointed a new one who has more expertise in killing people. The state of Tennessee completely botched the last execution and research is underway for new drugs with which to kill people. This is pretty stupid, not that stupid is anything new for Tennessee Republicans, but can't they just pick up enough Fentanyl to do the job? From what I hear it's readily available inside most Tennessee prisons. I know Republicans don't like the idea because it appears to be painless and they prefer some kind of torture, regardless of what the Constitution says about cruel punishment.

If you don't already read it, I suggest you sign up for the Compass, an online Knoxville Newspaper run by Roane County High graduate Scott Barker. Here's a link to an article in which you will learn that there is such a thing as Dragon's Breath, a shotgun shell you can legally buy that can fire a 100 foot flame , and an extremist Catholic paramilitary Group that is trying burn down women's health clinics.


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