Dec 8 2022
08:07 am

From the Tennessee Lookout:

The phrase of the day is 'buyers remorse.'

Several times recently, state lawmakers have told media outlets they wish they had put more thought into bills before passing them — or heck, for that matter, wishing they had even read bills before voting for them.

First, Knoxville Republican Sen. Richard Briggs told ProPublica he barely read the "trigger law" bill that would ban abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade.

Today, in a story reported by WPLN, GOP Sens. Page Walley and Janice Bowling expressed regret about passing a bill to hold 3rd graders back a year if they don't meet grade level reading benchmarks on a standardized test.

“I’m not sure we were as thoughtful as we needed to be, legislatively, when we passed the law to begin with," said Walley, who voted for the law.

One wonders if legislators will read bills this year before approving them, like the one Sen. Jack Johnson, R-Franklin, is sponsoring to close public records in death investigations.

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