Aug 27 2007
06:37 am
68...I like my comfort and I'm not changing my climate for anyone.
7% (1 vote)
70...I feel a little guilty about climate change
7% (1 vote)
74...I'm trying to save money... if not the planet.
13% (2 votes)
78...I'm a good citizen, no matter what the neighbors say (also cheap).
67% (10 votes)
I keep the windows open, a fan going, and iced tea in the fridge.
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 15

Where's the option for no thermostat? :)

An option for folks who don't have a thermostat would be nice. Central heating and central air have yet to make it to this part of the woods, although with a passive solar design, they aren't really needed.

This year it's been particularly hot inside, a record for the 18 years I've been here, often 88 or 90. We haven't been able to run the server for weeks.

Sixty-eight degrees would be wonderful right now. :)

Keeping the windows open has not been an option since West Nile and encephalitis. :(

-- OneTahiti

What Thermostat ??

The human body was not really designed for air conditioners. Thru a long process of evolution Homo sapiens has developed it's own cooling system with thermostatically controlled sweat glands that secrete a strange liquid called sweat that cools the body by a well known physical process.
(Now don't try to tell me that air conditioners are the result of "Intelligent Design").

Modern man misses a lot while locked up in his cooling box. Those that can escape from this box get to enjoy the sound of cadidids at night, the cool breeze from the woods sliding in the window and the juvenile herons squacking in the morning. And the fresh air along with it's many natural refreshing odors is much better experience than the recirculated human exhaust in the cooling box.

The phenomenon of sweating has taken a bad rap and one can purchase all kinds of potions to prevent this evil process. On the other hand many folks depend on this process to survive during August in there everyday activities. It is not uncommon to see other members of our society that just cannot function once outside their cooling box. This is sick !!

Anyhow, sweat really does work - and in spite of all this logic - I will bet that I remain the only vote for choice No. 5 in the poll.

living with no air conditioning

I lived in the Caribbean for 3 years with no air conditioning (or hot water for that matter). I am very greatful to be able to keep my thermostat on 80 to make the hot days a little more bareable.

I find if you live in a hot environment, it saps your energy. I get more done in a climate controlled environment.

Hot & Cold

All winter long we can't wait for summer to be here, so we can warm up, then we set our air conditioning low, because it is too hot.

Then summer hits and we can't wait for the cool weather, then we can turn our heaters on high, because we are too cold.

I keep the cool at 80.


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