Aug 26 2007
08:56 pm

This is the procedure for inserting an image from your hard derive into the body of a blog: (bear with me - I am new at this and made it simple enough for even me to understand)

Inserting image into Blog
After opening “My Blog” > “Post New Blog Entry” > “Submit Blog Entry” page >
Type in “Title” (Section, Tags – see Other Notes) and “Body”
Then – at the point in the “Body” you want to insert an image –Proceed to:
File Attachment > Browse > Click on Image File > Open
Description of your file appears in “Attach New File” box
Click “Attach” > (Uploading File) > New box appears
(Horizontal Bar with slanted lines moving)
(New Box has “Delete”, “List”, “Description” and :Size”)
Uncheck the “List” box – (See Below #1)
A New URL appears below the “Description” box (See Below #2)
The size of your file is also presented under “Size”.
Type into the main ”Body” box – this new URL – after inserting it into the following html phrase:

<code><img src=”http://www. - - -(your new URL)- - -.jpg” /></code>
(You have to type all this in – but you can use copy/paste for the New URL)

You are ready to “Preview” and “Submit”

#1 – If you do not uncheck the “List” box, your image will also appear as an attachment at the end of your message.
#2 – This New URL was generated by the blog software.

The “Delete” box allows you to delete the image.

You can improve this process by adding the “Size” of your image and your own description in the “alt” attribute. Here is an example:

<code><img src=”” width=”400” height=”250” alt=”thelma-phillips” /></code>

The size and alternate text are not absolutely required but are the proper way to do it. (Be careful to leave “spaces” in the correct places in the above example)

Other Notes: (at top of page – under “Submit Blog Entry”)
Section: These are categories than are useful to the administrator in placing your Blog – Not Required.

Tags: These are Key words that might be useful in “searching” a subject.

Way to go, Corvus! Nice "recipe"

You've got it! Nice recipe. Way to go, Corvus! :) :) :)

-- OneTahiti

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