Apr 7 2008
08:33 am

Speaking about reports of Cougar sightings near the Oak Ridge Reservation:

"I personally do not think there are cougars in this area - as in a population," said Jim Evans, wildlife manager for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

If there's a cougar in the woods, Evans said, it's probably an exotic pet that escaped from captivity or something like that, and if there is one, he'd like to see it or at least see convincing proof. "Me and most of the people I work with would love to see some concrete evidence," Evans said.

I would agree completely with Jim Evans...And Yes, We have no Wolf Dogs Either.



Well, about 25 years ago, I

Well, about 25 years ago, I was traveling the Millstone Moutain Road, near the Westel exit and a GREAT BIG cat ran across the road in front of me. It wasn't a house cat and it was too big to be a bobcat. It was tan in color with a long tail!

I think there have been too

I think there have been too many sightings with credibility for there not to be something out there. There is apparently a small viable population in Pennsylvania now.

I seriously doubt there is a viable population anywhere near here but there have been, over the years, cats that were released from captivity into the wild. They usually can't survive, though, and I know of no database where instances such as that are collected.

I have seen two panthers in the wild in this country. (One other one in Chile) I was 13 the first time way back when there was still a remnant population in Georgia. The last one was recent in Florida, where my report was discounted by the rangers at first but then verified two weeks later as a young untagged male on a walkabout from his native range. We had a good look and it was unmistakably a panther, though we weren't believed at first.

Yes there are cougars here

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-- OneTahiti

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