current progress on West Roane pumper pledges

April 25, 2008 Update: West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department is trying to raise $10,450 from businesses, groups, and individuals to help get a $209,000 grant from FEMA for a much-needed pumper truck.

This week, a neighbor sent in a second "Pumper Pledge" of $450.00 to bring the total to $10,450.05. Thanks to this neighbor and to all the generous folks who helped West Roane VFD reach the goal! :)

Now West Roane needs all those who pledged to fulfill their pledges as soon as possible to make those FEMA folks know our community is serious about needing a new pumper truck. So, folks, open up those checkbooks if you haven't already! Thank you so much again! Make a real difference.

We made it!

Thanks to everyone who donated. Now we are hoping FEMA gives West Roane the grant!

-- OneTahiti

Way to go, everybody.

Way to go, everybody.

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