Jan 24 2013
08:37 am
By: WhitesCreek

Is Corker calling his own party out? Hillary is being too nice asking for the security funds back. You know, the ones that Congress cut before the security failure...

While Corker panned the security situation at Benghazi as "a denial of the world today" and its political aftermath as "all that's wrong with Washington," the former Chattanooga mayor mostly struck a conciliatory tone. In a question to Clinton, Corker said there were "systemic deficiencies" in Libya and asked her to "mention one reform" since then. Clinton replied that she's changing department policy and lobbying Congress for more money for security.



Sources other than Bob Corker's hometown newspaper say HRC kinda made Corker look a bit amateurish, tearing apart his premade GOP talking points. I didn't see it so I can't say, but I do think it's a win for Corker by comparison to the whack jobs that have floated to the top of his party. He seems moderate only by comparison to the ideology of mean and crazy.

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