Jan 23 2013
09:36 am

This makes interesting reading. I'm amused by the portraying the taking the School Board's budgetary control away and giving it to the Finance Committee as a "gain" because the School Board is given one seat on that committee.


I think I like it..

I agree that it gives the schools a better view in the budget process.
The school board still has to come up with a budget and fight for that money but now they will have at least one seat at the table called "Financial Comm." or the "budget comm' and the full county commission will still have to approve the final budget.

It may not be the right fit for Roane County but Roane is one of but a few counties in the state that have centralized accounting.

It will require a county audit committee. That is good.

It does not address the required County Revenue Commissioners ( good luck with that one!) Does Roane county have a citizen Revenue Commission as required by the state? I have only found two counties that do!

I'm thinking this adds one

I'm thinking this adds one more level of "committee" in the budgetary process. One problem is that we'll have a single school board volunteer on the finance committee. That's a cap shoot right there.

I'm counting two-

The version of the bill I am reading puts the Director of Schools or his nominee AND a person selected by the School Board on the Financial Committee for a total of two of the seven members. Unless they also create a Budget Committee in addition to the Financial Committee. That additional budget committee would be optional and if created then it only would have either the Director of Schools or his nominee as one of five.

I don't really think this bill was targeted at the few counties that already have a central accounting system.

The most current State report on central accounting systems is here

Note too that sponsors of the bill are from two counties under the Acts of 1957. Hummmmm

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