Jan 22 2013
02:29 am

Tennessee has only two bookmobiles. Kentucky has 98, and even Georgia and Alabama have 23 and 17 respectively. See this PDF: (link...).

I loved the access to books that a bookmobile gave me when I was young. We could really use a bookmobile or two here in rural Roane County.

-- OneTahiti


It may not mean anything, but, on the other hand...

A few days ago, on the nightly PBS high school academic contest featuring some of the top area students, a high school from Williamsburg KY easily topped the best scholars Davy Crockett High in Jonesborough TN put forward.

Seriously, though, I agree with you. Bring on the bookmobiles! Having worked with poor families in Roane and Morgan counties, I believe that most children would appreciate and benefit from bookmobiles in their neighborhoods.

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