Obion County is getting swept up in the sneaky language in the bills,
HB 0015 by *Calfee ( SB 0027 by *Yager).(and Macon County too. Tnx, OneT)
Using obscure language that doesn't actually name the Counties is an odd way to do business, don't you think? The bills use population figures as in "certain counties whose populations fall between this and that." One of our ace investigators here at RoaneViews found these counties which fit the bill:

Campbell, Fentress, Morgan, Pickett, Obion, Rhea, Roane, Macon, Scott



Follow the bill, as co-sponsors sign on. Don't know how much planning commission had to do with Dyllis Springs school, but I found it very interesting that Mrs. Yager's mother made a tidy profit on the sale. If not a direct conflict, certainly an indirect conflict. Now I know he was not on the School Board or in the office of County Executive, but to think he has no influence over virtually every committee, commission or board in this county is foolhardy.

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