Jan 15 2013
09:11 am

We pay for SS and Medicare out of our very own paychecks and any body who says SS has to be dealt with to control the deficit is simply lying. As for shutting the government down, Republicans passed the budget that they are now refusing to pay for. That's not responsible governance.

That and more from the Daily Buzz:


All fairness

In all fairness, the House has passed a budget, several of them, the Senate has never brought them to their floor for a vote....so there really is no budget. Who knows what in the devil we are or are not supposed to be spending on. Just because money is being disbursed, doesn't mean there is a budget.

Passing poison pill budgetsis not doing your job

The budgets that passed the House contained cuts to Social Security and Medicare among other things. I'm not buying that argument C.


There can be no discussion or debate, no amendments, no meeting of representatives of each chamber until the bill is brought to the floor. Cutting off your nose to spite your face isn't doing your job either. They are supposed to do the hard work, take on the unpleasant tasks. They ALL ran for election to do just that.
Makes me think of the Roseanne Barr show, when they took all their bills and threw them in the air, the ones that landed on the table got paid. Both chambers and both parties.

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