Apr 1 2008
08:25 am

We are in for rough weather today, so watch out, not just for hail and thunderstorms this afternoon but also a new weather phenomenon that is creating disasters in basements across Tennessee:

A hazardous weather outlook for East Tennessee is calling for scattered showers and thunderstorms with the possibility of severe storms packing damaging winds, large hail and heavy rain.The National Weather Service says a cold front moving into the area this afternoon is bringing the chance of bad weather with it.:

New Weather Phenomenon causes devastation in Tennessee, Links to Global Warming roundly denied by Exxon-Mobile funded Scientists

Using Doppler radar, interior satellites, and computer models, researchers have determined that basement tornadoes form when warm dank air collides with a cool dry draft, creating a significant drop in pressure, and causing wind velocity to increase and whirl in a vortex of dust, debris, and cobwebs. Predicting where and when a basement tornado will strike is challenging, however, because they seem to jump from cellar to cellar by traveling through sump pumps.

"All we can say for certain is that unfinished basements are twice as likely to develop tornadoes," said Allan Boyer, a controlled meteorogist at the National Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK. "Also, when residents leave their washing machines and dryers running it creates the ideal environment for tornadoes, because of the extra spinningness it causes in the air."

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That explains the reason our

That explains the reason our laundry room looks like it does!!!!

That explains why....

April Fools Day comes just once a year!! That was a great laugh.

The best April Fool jokes

The best April Fool jokes have some basis in reality that makes them believable, such as Hillary Clinton's spoof of reporters yesterday. She looked them in the eye and said that it was time to make a tough decision to end this campaign that was dividing the Democratic party.

"So," she said, "I have decided to challenge Barack Obama to a winner take all...Bowling match." Obama apparently has a lifetime average of, say, 30, having only bowled one game ever.

The funny thing about the weather spoof was that we did have strong storms predicted for the afternoon of April 1, 2008. If anybody should have know that, it was me. So, I have no one to blame but myself for being caught by rain while hiking up in the forest above my house in Whites Creek Gorege. I got drenched!

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