If you don't know "Take Five" you really do and just don't realize it. Google it. Here's another track off his million seller album. I recommend something smooth to drink while you listen...

Yeah, I know it isn't hyper

Yeah, I know it isn't hyper local except it is at our house. Any other Brubeck lovers out there?


As was pointed out to me in an email this morning, Brubeck got rolling good in a time when a good jazz piece could actually make it as a hit in Billboard, and could be played on WLS in Chicago. Damn right this is local! :-)

Dave had a penchant for quirky time signatures - Take Five was written in 5/4. Listen to it and count 1-2-3 1-2 1-2-3 1-2. Dave loved Take Five, but saxophonist Paul Desmond wrote it. Blue Rondo a la Turk was also a favorite of his (and mine), and was written in 9/8, another strange time signature (one that was used by Bach, too).

A friend of mine who is an ER doc in Philly just sent some of us a URL to a YouSendIt location where he had put together 10 CDs spanning about 50 years of Dave Brubeck. I'm gonna download those this evening, burn me some CDs, and spend a good long while listening. And remembering. And, as WC wisely suggests, drinking something smooth. And it will be cool!

Go to Blue Rondo a la Turk here, then listen to some more Brubeck from the suggestions there. You'll have a better day for it!


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