With plenty of spots where fracking is already occurring to study, why do they have to pick a spot in a natural area to see if it degrades the environment? And they want to be funded by corporations who have a vested interest in a particular outcome? Are they that cynical, that stupid, or just that oblivious?

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UT Fracking in the Cumberland Forest

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This is a really bad idea

This idea has the stink of money and greed written all over it, not science.

Would a responsible scientist cause the BP oil spill to see whether such a disaster would harm the environment?

If Snidely Whiplash were to dump fracking chemicals into Watts Bar Lake, he would be arrested, and rightly so.

Of course fracking is bad for the water and the air above it and the creatures living around it.

If UT really wants to study fracking, let them study places where the mistake of fracking has already been perpetrated. The folks behind this should be ashamed.

-- OneTahiti

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