Nov 30 2012
07:11 am

"It's in the city of Oak Ridge portion of Roane County. The Clinch River Breeder Reactor was mothballed and not started," said Ron Woody, county executive for Roane County. "The site had been prepped and it had its environmental impact studies."


These prefabricated reactors

These prefabricated reactors will then be sold "off the shelf" to utility companies and remain small enough to be shipped via rail or barge.

Sounds little scary. It's bad enough the large utility companies have problems with their nuclear plants. Now, they are hoping to allow any podunk utility company to have and manage a nuclear plant. If it is smaller, does it mean when/if something goes wrong the fallout will not be so bad?

Personally I think this is a

Personally I think this is a marketing and PR disaster for Roane County. First off, nukes don't have a very good reputation anywhere in the whole world right now. Second, they are going to be run by TVA, the folks who couldn't even pile up dirt safely in Roane County, now headed by a guy with a past record of nuclear project mismanagement and dishonesty.

Well said, WC

This is a very bad idea for us.

-- OneTahiti

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