Mar 29 2008
10:07 am

New hurdles seem to have been erected between School activities and the parent groups that support them. One in particular that is not new is the School Board regulation requiring Booster clubs to become 501 c3 not for profit corporations, a costly and unnecessary requirement. I don't know what problem this was intended to solve but it stands as a time bomb, when placed alongside new state law governing booster clubs, that could create permanent harm to extracurricular activites in Roane County.

School Board Member, Earl Nall has posted information on a public meeting Monday night to discuss this situation.

Meeting Info

I just got told that this

I just got told that this meeting is scheduled when some of the Spring sports have away games? Wouldn't it have been simple to check the schedules?


Earl Nall pointed out that there are quite a few Spring sport teams and it would have been imposssible to schedule around their games so they picked a time and went with it.

Fair enough.

Dr. McGriff did a masterful job of presenting the state law and what it means to us Booster Clubies. What has to be done is clearly laid out and will be posted on the Roane County Schools web site, along with the answers to several questions that folks had.

Toni McGriff is at her best in front of a crowd and I'll bet everyone that attended will have good things to say about her. She showed herself willing to work with everyone in order to get them in line with the new State law, regardless of the past.

I approve!

I will also post direct links to the info that Booster Clubs will need as soon as it goes up.


Thanks for the positive outlook and info. We've been needing something positive. It's good news.


Online Forms

I understand the necessary forms and related information will be online fairly soon. I think the school system is trying to make this process as easy as possible. Please remember this is state mandated and not of local origination.


Dr. McGriff and everyone involved from Roane County is to be commended in working through this. Having been involved with booster clubs for the last 8 years, I know what a hodge podge of a system we've had. This is a well intentioned move on the part of the state that could have caused a train wreck if Dr. McGriff had not been ahead of the curve.

Thanks to Tyler Overstreet and Earl Nall, too, for getting out front and helping to make this work for the Students. I understand that Earl is working above and beyond the call of duty to get things posted for us.

Thanks, all.

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