Nov 29 2012
08:13 am

They worry me too.And so do the Police uniforms, handcuffs, and 20 key chain cop strength pepper spray units. So why were there 4 Police Chaplin badges, anyway?


Remember, if the blue lights come on behind you at night you can dial 911 and ask if you are being pulled over before you stop and stop in a lighted area.

THP Chaplain Badges

Quite likely the badges were ordered by someone or for someone. THP has chaplains all over the state. It's not uncommon. What's uncommon is for them to be stolen before they can be picked up by the intended recipients.

You can indeed call 911 to see if someone is trying to get you to stop. With one exception - local dispatchers know nothing of routine THP traffic stops unless the THP dispatcher calls a local dispatch center to ask for local assistance.


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