There's no need to drive into Knoxville with shops like this one right here in Roane County...

Cloth & Chair Interiors

This is Kari Openshaw's place in Ladd Landing. Kari is the HGTV Interior Design guru. If you haven't been in her shop, you'll be amazed at the interesting and beautiful gifts and furnishings she has.

Custom Home Furnishings, Draperies, Bedding and Accessories
1000 Ladd Landing Blvd. Suite 110, Kingston, TN 37763
Phone: 865-376-3114
Hours: Closed Sunday/Monday, Open 10-6 Tuesday - Friday, Saturday 11-4


Looks like a great place to locate some fun, functional pieces without having to spend all the time digging.

I see several things I want

I see several things I want / need (maybe). Good thing Wants outweigh Needs.

Will be heading over to this store!

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