Nov 27 2012
09:20 am

The annual beat down Harriman gets from the much larger football program at Kingston is gone. So is the gate revenue it produced.

Not sure what you're saying...




Any reduction in football programs is very welcome. Too many of our youth risk brain injury and other damage from football. It is irresponsible that we have football programs at all. We should do our youth a big favor and eliminate all football in the county.

-- OneTahiti

I can't disagree, OneT

I'm not familiar with similar statistics for "real" football - i.e. what we call in the states "soccer." Wonder if they are similar?

I also wonder where the gate revenues to which WC referred actually go? Do they go to the athletic program to make it more "self sufficient," or do those funds go, in some way, to the school for use it its educational efforts?

I read once, in a newspaper, a quote from a coach of one of the more common sports - I have unfortunately forgotten which sport. It was interesting and amazing to hear a coach say it, but he said something like this: "Playing X sport does not develop character; it reveals it." I have often felt that had more truth than fiction in it. Particularly about parents who live vicariously through their children.


A Note

Harriman will pick up Hancock County for the next 2 years and will play 6 home games instead of 5.

Randy Ellis

The extra home game will

The extra home game will hopefully make up the revenue of the big Kingston game and Harriman gets to compete with schools of similar size. Fair enough.

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