April 25 Update: West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department is trying to raise $10,450 from businesses, groups, and individuals to help get a $209,000 grant from FEMA for a much-needed pumper truck.

Today, WRCVFD met the goal. Neighbors sent in exactly $10,463.05 in "Pumper Pledges," $13.05 over the top! Thanks to all those generous folks! :)

Now we need those who pledged to send in the money if they have not already to make those FEMA folks know our community is serious about needing a new pumper truck. Thanks to you all for making a pledge that will make a real difference.

Thanks to media too!

Many thanks to RoaneViews, WBIR (Channel 10 News), and Roane County News for the continuing media support!! :)

-- OneTahiti

Update: West Roane is up to 63% of our Pumper Pledges goal

Keep those pledges coming! We really need that $200,000 pumper truck grant! These pledges are 5% matching funds: if we get the grant, each dollar of pledge brings in $19 of FEMA grant money.

-- OneTahiti

I put my two cents in the

I put my two cents in the pot...Who else will step up?

These are the folks who showed up at my place, a few years back, at two in the morning when a forest fire jumped the line and was headed toward the house. They made quick work of re-establishing the line and then showed up again at dawn with biscuits for breakfast.


Way to go, WhitesCreek! :) :)

You are right about the West Roane volunteers; they showed up at my house about a year ago, at 4 in the morning, and stopped a forest fire that had started right next to my house, apparently from an electrical line downed by a storm. Those West Roane volunteer firefighters are wonderful! :)

-- OneTahiti

Update: 71% of pumper pledges in, 39% to go

Keep those checks and Paypal donations coming! :) See www.westroane.com for details.

-- OneTahiti

Update as of 3:52 PM on 4/3: 76% in! Keep those pledges coming!

It is not too late! Yes, the grant application is due, but even late pledges help! We still have a chance at getting the $200,000 grant--but at any time FEMA could ask us to show them the money and our viable plan for getting the rest.

So... Please, for the sake of West Roane and the whole county, donate! We need more than $2000 more. Send in those checks and Paypal donations as soon as you can! Directions are at westroane.com. Help your community help you!

-- OneTahiti

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