Mar 28 2008
08:50 am
Congressman Lincoln Davis...Relaxed

Political candidates on the campaign trail are put in situations where they essentially have to perform for an audience and be very careful about what they say, lest they give up some sound bite that can be taken out of context by the other team. I had the good fortune of hanging out with several folks and chatting with Lincoln Davis at Ladd Landing in Kingston in a more relaxed setting than the usual town meeting situation, where there is a crush of people with things on their mind they want to tell the Congressman.

For me, the best part of the evening was later on when Lincoln, his staff, and a couple of other folks were discussing the Presidential race. Relaxing around the table I was surprised that the very lively discussion was absolutely not one sided...And frankly, Lincoln had no problem listening to his staff disagree with him on a number of points and assessing what everyone else had to say. He brought up his concerns with every candidate and at the end of it all said, "I'm an uncommitted superdelegate, and I'll just stay that way for a while."

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