This might be one of the worst written bills in the history of environmental destruction in the great State of Tennessee. As I read it, it can be interpreted to mean just about any stream whatsoever. Developers simply need to understand that it doesn't matter whether a stream flows all of the time or part of the time with our geology...They are all important to water quality.

From the Knox News Sentinel:

...legislation, titled "Limited Resource Waters Bill," applies to occasional streams or ephemeral bodies (presumably including wetlands) - waters "that flow primarily in response to rainfall, for which groundwater is not a significant source, and that do not support a significant indigenous population of native fish or aquatic life," according to the Senate version (SB4119).

The companion House measure is (HB4185)

We oppose this bill and would like to see lawmakers reject it.

Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.