Mar 25 2008
11:21 am

Folks, I got this email, with a request to put it in front of as many people as possible. This is a good place for a lot of place to do it. It requests folks to come to Harriman - the Utopia Cafe - to demonstrate to Rep Lincoln Davis the community's support for the restoration and new uses of the Princess Theatre. This is not the time to come and tell Lincoln how we like or don't like what he'd doing in Washington. This is the time to impress on him how unified the community is on the issue of the Princess Theatre. See pasted copy of email I received below:

Rep. Lincoln Davis will be at the Utopia café in Harriman on Wednesday, March 26 at 3pm. This may be the only opportunity we have to show Rep. Davis our support for the Princess Theater project. We are trying to get at least 250 people there to show support. Brooks Benjamin will be filming this event for the new video we are preparing about the Princess project. Please try to attend. We need your help and support."

There was an email address with the request that folks send email if they planned on attending: aarriola@harrimanutilityboard.com

Please consider putting this into your schedule. I will be out of town working most of that day. I will try to get back, but not sure I can make it. There ought to be plenty that can.

What the email didn't say was that their goal is to have 250 persons there to demonstrate their support for the Princess to Lincoln Davis.


Princess Theatre

Didn't I read in Southern Living magazine a coule of years ago that some "Hollywood star" had bought the theatre? What ever happened with that or am I just have foggy thoughts about remembering the incident?

Muse Watson (who lived in

Muse Watson (who lived in Oak Ridge before going to Hollywood)and Gary Baker originally bought it. It was given to the City by Baker and then the city gave Baker a 99 year lease on it. That way, the city can apply for grants to finish the renovation on it.

Actually Muse didn't live in Oak Ridge...

Muse and family lived on a farm in the corner of Roane County near Morgan County - close to Clifty Creek. He lived there till he had to move to LA for work. He still owns the property there.


RB, I know Muse bought

RB, I know Muse bought property up Clifty Creek but I'm pretty sure I heard him say that he lived in Oak Ridge, when he was growing up.


He's a Louisiana boy for most of his life. Study/work in KY & GA. He had met Nan some years before his star rose and his bio ( (link...) ) says he went back to Oak Ridge to find her again.

So far as I know his stint in OR was short-term and related to that, occurring after adulthood. When he moved to East TN to live, he fond the property near Clifty Creek, got some farm equipment, got to know a bunch of the people in the nearby hills (knew my father-in-law in Oakdale right well) and was simply known as a good neighbor.

Helluva good guy! And terrific family man - Nan & Sophie are his life.


Where ever he lived and

Where ever he lived and lives, I think his Saturday Night Live skit is hilarious. Great character actors, and greater villians, are rare and to be appreciated.

Roane County and the Princess are better for having the friendship.

100% agreement

between WC & RB!


Howdy, Sammy

I'll see you at Utopia tomorrow, as will several folks who regularly contribute to RoaneViews.

I just realized that even though I have been a long time friend of Lincoln, I have yet to put a link to your office on the RoaneViews Sidebar. How about posting the link here in the comments and I will add it asap. I'm embarrassed I don't already have it there.

Hi Sammy!

Glad you're aboard. Hope I make it to Harriman in time, but I may not. In any case, thanks for the support the Congressman is providing to this great project!

How's Beecher? Hope he's doing well!


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