This week, West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department is trying to raise $10,000 in pledges from businesses, groups, and individuals to help get a $200,000 grant from FEMA for a much-needed pumper truck.

On Monday, folks sent in $1660 "Pumper Pledges". Way to go, folks! :)

Another $8340 is needed by April 3 to make those FEMA folks think our community is serious about needing a new pumper truck. So, folks, step up! Be a hero! Make a pledge that will make a difference.

Tuesday AM Progress

Folks gave $150 on Tuesday. Keep those pledges coming! We have $8190 to go by April 3.

I hear that West Roane VFD's Brandon Burke may be on Channel 10 news this evening. I hope that helps! :)

-- OneTahiti

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