Mar 23 2008
08:09 am
By: WhitesCreek

I hope everyone gets to spend a moment or two with their family.

Some of my best ever memories of childhood are those big extended family easter egg hunts with real boiled and dyed eggs, at least one of which would not be found until a month later when Dad mowed the lawn and pieces of badly fermented rotten stinking egg would be blasted all over the spring lawn. We would all hold our noses and laugh ourselves silly.

Those were some great times. Feel free to share yours.


Egg Hunts

Aside from sunrise services (went this morning), one of my favorite Easter memories is of the strategy session before the Easter Egg Hunt.

My grandparents lived in a retirement community that put on a huge hunt for all the visiting grandchildren. My dad obviously put a lot of thought into this, and pulled us aside before the hunt.

"Look at this huge field of eggs," he said. "Everyone is going to want to get these eggs in the front, but look -- there are just as many eggs at the back." We looked and it was true.

So, when the hunt started, all of the other kids were scrambling amongst and over themselves for the closest eggs. Meanwhile, my brother and I ran directly to the back of the field and systematically gathered eggs on our way back to the beginning.

The other kids were always amazed at our haul when they met us mid-field.

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