Mar 22 2008
09:21 am

This should be a beautiful day to visit what should be an attraction for Roane County. The lookout could use some work, sure, but it's still one of the nicer mountaintop lookouts around, and it certainly is accessible. The entrance turns North off Hwy 70 just west of Rockwood.

And you can help out by picking up some trash with the other volunteers while you are there.

I would think that the view of the Oliver Springs oil well fire would be particularly interesting, so take binoculars.

Trash Pickup

It was a great day for a trash pickup. We picked up trash at the overlook area as well as along part of the trail system to Big Rock. In the end it looked fairly nice.

Of course, as always, the view was spectacular. The well fire smoke could be seen in the distance.

Anyone interested in future pickups can write or call me. We'll also post here.

Any other activities at Mt. Roosevelt?

Are there hiking trails?

Good ones

There are trails which are used by ATVs, but they also make great hiking trails. There is one that runs along the ridge above Rockwood. We cleaned part of that yesterday.

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