Mar 21 2008
05:22 pm

Our weekly Friday Night's are continuing at "Yonder Hollow" in downtown Rockwood. Usually we never know who will show up to entertain but we always have a full house. We DID get this show on April 4, 2008 all set up as "Alex Leach's Birthday Bash." Alex is a DJ in Knoxville since age 9 and is well on his way to becoming a real star in Bluegrass music.We will open at 6:00 with an Open Stage until 7:30
7;30-8:00...Tyler Smith and Notchey Creek
8:00-8:35 Laycee.Lee & Granite Station
8:35-9:10 McCoy Grass (Two teenage sisters from Ohio and their band) Website is
9:10-9:50 Southern Skye...A young band from Ky.
9:50-10:50 Alex with... Kody Norris, Tom Isaacs, and The Watauga Mountain Boys. (Kody and Tom are often members of Dr. Ralph Stanley's band and are featured a lot of RFD-TV's Cumberland Highlanders show on Satellite TV.
10:50- ??? Special Guests till Closing.
There is plenty of good seating and a family type atmosphere, no smoking or drinking naturally. Our shows have been going on for over two years now and attracting visitors from all over TN. Come and join us..Ray Collett

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To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.