Mar 21 2008
04:13 pm
By: Fred

I have recently moved to the area (mailing address is Rockwood, but actually live closer to Westel just across the Roane/Cumberland County lines). I am wondering about much of a problem are they in this area? We live in a semi wooded area.
What kind of snakes are here and what can be done to control them?
Thanks for any help!


I second that!I have

I second that!

I have finally, after a decade or so, convinced my neighbors to call me instead of grabbing a weapon when they see a snake. I've relocated a Timber rattler and several copperheads, and saved the lives of any number of non-venomous mouse eaters that were being misidentified.

In truth, it is very difficult to get bitten by a venomous snake, but you can do it if you work hard enough. My kids grew up in the woods and we've never had a problem, even though we do see a few of them from time to time.

The big thing to remember is that you are bigger and faster than they are. Poisonous snakes will do everything they can to keep from biting you, unless you mess with them. Leave them alone and admire, from a distance, these amazing creatures.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your information.....I don't have a problem with snakes and surely don't want to kill them----but I was just wondering as a "newbie" what they are like in this area. Thanks!

They're fine

Worry more about the ticks than the snakes if you are going to run around in the woods. But don't let either keep you out. Welcome to the area.


Are you speaking about the ticks that host Lyme disease? Is that a problem in this area?
(I'm really not phobic---)


The ticks do sometimes transmit Lyme disease. I'm not sure whether it is worse in this area than anywhere else.

If you get bitten, watch for symptoms. I've been bitten a few times but have never had a problem and don't let it keep me out of the woods.


Nothing will keep me out of the woods and God's beautiful world!!!

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