Aug 26 2007
06:20 am
By: WhitesCreek

I kept waking up and hearing the storm a little closer each time.

We had sat on the deck and watched the light show from storms all around us, but nothing seemed close enough to wet us down. I'd guess about 3 a.m. it started raining.

I love these misty mornings in the gorge but I hope you folks got a bit of relief from this drought too. It bothers me that this weather may become the norm in a decade or two because of mankind's arrogance, greed, and stupidity.

For now, I'll enjoy the peace of an "after the storm" morning.


Stormy fireworks

That was quite a light show. I missed seeing the rain, though. Probably hit just after I went back to bed.

And tonight (Sunday) what a full moon! Or close, anyway.

I can't believe how much the tree colors are starting to change. We might pull off a bright autumn, just from sheer stress to the trees.

Or this may continue to be the year Roane County simply turned brown.

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