Mar 15 2008
09:33 am
By: Refuse2lose

I've been watching the news of all the statements made by Obama's pastor. I'm not sure that my mouth has come off the floor. What is this guy thinking? Why would a presidential candidate associate with a man like this? For you folks that are on the democratic fence between Hillary land and Obamaville you better be taking a real close look. How can Obama have been a member of this church for 20 years and not know the views and stance of this pastor? I don't think that's possible. If he knew then his silence shows his agreement. Obama's statements on CNN and Fox late last night were damage control. He was he didn't know how to answer. I think people need to get off the "Obamamania" trip just bacause he's been the front runner. Before anyone thinks I'm pro Hillary let me say I've usually voted Republican. Last fall I stated this would be one election I would not vote in because I don't prefer any of the candidates. I've changed my mind....if Obama is the Democratic nominee then I will go to the polls and vote McCain.

I guess this ends all that BS about Barack being a Muslim?

Let's try to look below the surface on this stuff. Clinton's attacks on Obama aren't working so she has to pick a surrogate and attack them.

Obama has removed Pastor Wright from his campaign and disowned his statements.

Obama should have dealt with this sooner but Pastor Wright now looks like a senile old man who shold have retired some years ago.

Meanwhile, McCain has accepted the endorsement of the exact fringe element that Wright was railing about, with his acceptance of Reverend Hagee's backing. I see nothing whatsoever in McCain that makes me lean in his direction. The more I find out about him, actually, the worse he looks, even though I once respected him. I honor him as a war hero, but have no wish to see him lead my country and continue down the stupid stupid path we're on.

I think that there has been

I think that there has been a lot of Republicans voting in the Democratic primaries and voting for Obama because they know that Obama would be the weaker candidate against McCain. I agree with the first poster.... if Obama gets the Democratic nomination, then I'll vote Republican or not at all!

Actually, Obama beats McCain

And we have to remember that the Dems are still attacking each other and have not retargeted to McCain.

I don't forsee any way McCain gets elected, although it will get very very dirty. I'm working on a WhitesCreek Journal post on this for later today.

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