Mar 12 2008
06:17 pm

There are a few wildflowers looking around in the woods but they are just starting where I am. Of course the exotics are blooming, Jonquils, periwinkle, crocus, and others, but what I really love to see are the natives.

Here's a website to get your appetite going for a walk in the woods.

Please remember to take your camera and post what you find.

My mother found a flower once...

YEARS ago (she died in 89) on a bank overlooking the Emory River.

You know where the big bend to the left is that starts up the mountain from Clifty Creek where Roane and Morgan counties come together? Well, parallel with the river there was the remnant of a little road that went off straight where the Clifty Creek road went up to the left. Walking along that bank she discovered a little white trillium growing where none of the wildflower books said that kind of trillium ever grew. All of her very literate wildflower-knowledgeable buddies said they'd never seen that flower in those locations, and urged her to write one of the wildflower books about what she'd found. (hey went with her and looked at the flowers, verifying what kind of trillium it was.) Long story short, she did, somebody (perhaps my dad or another photog friend made a pic) and the thing was picked up by some wildflower book publisher she sent the info to.

Been partial to trilliums ever since. And have noticed them usually when around wild flowers.


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