Mar 12 2008
07:53 am
By: WhitesCreek

In an obvious case of upside down thinking, our County Commission spent a lot of effort deciding on exactly who should replace Steve Kirkham on the Industrial Board, but tossed aside the massive needs of our schools without much ado.

Here's the report that is buried at the end of the RCN article.

The saga of the school system’s facilities plan will continue as well.

A motion to fund the $47 million plan was on the commission’s agenda Monday night.

However, Beets said it’s obvious that there’s not enough support on the commission to support it.

“If it had, it would have been voted on,” Beets said.

Instead of an up or down vote on the current proposal, the commission voted to have a series of joint meetings with the director of schools and school board members to hash out a plan both sides can agree on.

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