Mar 10 2008
10:20 pm

The Knoxville News Sentinel preview on WBIR news tonight said equipment to test water for harmful bacteria being dumped into Rockwood's water supply was not working for a significant period.

This part of the broadcast went by quickly, but I think he mentioned the years 2004-2006 or something like that. Said someone who was signing off on water being put into the drinking water supply was being signed off as free of harmful bacteria. It wasn't, and the machine used to test it was broken and not fixed for some time. Apparently this is to be in the Tuesday issue of Knoxville News Sentinel.

We'll see more complete information in the KNS issue. Could be interesting.


Details here...

Man sentenced (probation) in falsification of E. coli tests on Rockwood waste water dumping. It was not Rockwood drinking water supply, but dunping of supposedly processed waste water into Black Creek. Although different from contaminating directly a drinking water source, there are still significant implications of dumping possibly E coli-infested or other pathogenic water into our creeks that run through the town and elsewhere.

See this in Knoxville News Sentinel:


Several folks who live on

Several folks who live on Black Creek Road, west of Rockwood, have complained in the past about the creek turning grey from Rockwood Sewage releases. Oddly enough it seemed to happen at night, but that may simply be how long it took to get four miles downsteam.

I personally took a rather foul water sample to be tested a few years back and it was essentially raw untreated sewage. The article seemed to imply that no e. coli may have been released into Black Creek but I'll testify that this is not the case. Sometimes after a good rain, Black Creek smells bad.

Hopefully, the attention that this conviction brings will make it known that Rockwood has to keep there treatment facility in working order.

If you want to really smell

If you want to really smell a "stink" just drive around Hardee's, Long John Silver's or Pizza Hut in Harriman. It's been that way for years and even all the "sewer station rehab" taking place hasn't helped it any.

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