Mar 5 2008
02:20 pm
By: Rockwood Lawyer

Mount Roosevelt Wildlife Management Area ((link...)) spans 11,000 acres in Roane and Cumberland County. It is one of Tennessee’s hidden treasures.

Friends of Mount Roosevelt is an organization that is forming to specifically focus on preserving Mount Roosevelt for future generations as one of Tennessee’s best natural and hunting areas.

In connection with this effort, an organizational meeting will be held at the Mount Roosevelt overlook area on Saturday, March 15, 2008, at 1:00 p.m. For those who have not been, the overlook area has amazing views, and a nice picnic area. After the organizational meeting, we will conduct a litter pickup. If weather is poor, we will post here on Roaneviews that the meeting is rescheduled to the next Saturday.

If you are interested in helping out to make this amazing area a better place, please come out for a fun day on the Mountain.

This is a great project for

This is a great project for Roane County. Mt. Roosevelt is a beautiful place and is much under utilized and appreciated.

A few years back some local folks tried to get a trail going from Rockwood up to Big Rock but the historical trail went across private land and no alternative was ever worked out. I hope something will come of that.

At any rate, I hope you will post often about the endeavors of the "Friends".

Maybe some pictures?

How cool!


The Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup is scheduled for April 5th in Roane County. We are currently arranging areas for cleanup. I have recommended Mt Roosevelt. If you would like to lead a team for Mt Roosevelt, please let me know. We have an organizational meeting for the GAC on Monday evenings at 6PM at Sail Away Realty in Kingston. I also have the contact info on a couple of citizens that have expressed a willingness to help out at Mt Roosevelt. The guys at TDOT are going to clean Hwy 70 for us and we would like to add the overlook area to the effort. I will plan on attending the meeting on the 15th. Also, please let me know when the trash cans for the picnic area are in place. We need to get pictures for the grant provider that paid for them. I am really looking forward to this!

Wendy @ KRB
Keep Roane Beautiful

Rescheduling Due to Weather

On account of weather, the Friends of Mount Roosevelt organizational meeting and trash pick-up will be next Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. If you know someone that was planning on attending, please let them know of the rescheduled date.


Actually, I'm even wimpier than you guys, lying around waiting for the flu bug to go away.

It seemed like a bad idea to

It seemed like a bad idea to assemble at the highest point in Roane County during a lightning storm. Hopefully, it will be nice next Saturday.

If anyone is interested in participating, but is unable to make it next week, please post here or let me know.

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