Mar 4 2008
10:17 am
By: WhitesCreek

(Mr. Creek approaches the podium, pausing momentarily to stare wistfully out the window at the rain...)

Welcome, Roane County Friends, Neighbors, and Interested Innocent Bystanders.

We were asked by a fine contributor to RoaneViews.com if we could share our web statistics... Well web stats are elusive things but we will share some of what we have. We're astounded at the numbers, actually, and must brag somewhere. Since intentionally or unintentionally, RoaneViews.com is NON profit, bragging rights are all we have so far, so bear with me.

For the month of January, we had over 140,000 hits.

Now that includes a lot of noise, but I'll count that as over one hundred grand, so there.

We had nearly 12,000 visits by just under 3000 unique visitors, and that is what I am most amazed at.

RoaneViews has become a resource for Roane County...A place where the hard questions get asked. We don't expect to make everyone happy, but everyone who comes here contributes, whether they post, comment, or just watch the fun.

Our number of registered users grows each and every week, even though we have far more readers than users. It's fine by us, how ever you want to visit.

So from the Owner, Publisher, and Editorial, Production, Sports, Sales, Marketing, Sweeping, and Janitorial Departments here at RoaneViews.com, we thank you for your support.

Good Government doesn't grow in the dark, and we hope there's a bit more light now shining around Roane County.



Thanks for the work, WC!

Here's the deal, far as I'm concerned:

Thee and me may, at times, appear to fight like cats and dogs. But I think we really ultimately have one goal - and that is a better community. To me that puts us essentially on the same side. Disparate philosophies at how to get to the elusive goal of a better community are, for the most part, healthy, IMHO. It is the fusion that occurs when those disparities are worked out ultimately that makes a community stronger, I think.

To that end, I want all that have witnessed WC and me go at it to know that I believe that if and when we (WC and I) were to meet face to face and know who each other was (is, were??), we would head off to one of the local eateries and raise a glass (preferably some cold brew) together to the County of Roane.

I have dabbled in the chores associated with maintaining a website, and it ain't easy. It takes effort. And it takes time - lots of time - to put the thought and typing effort into producing a blog, which WC does well (whether I agree with what he types into it or not). So everybody should appreciate the work he puts into this, whether they appreciate every comment he makes or not.

The website utilization information is excellent, and congratulations are in order for such a success. And my commendations to the Janitor!

I'll close (almost) with what WC said: "Good Government doesn't grow in the dark, and we hope there's a bit more light now shining around Roane County."

OK! Honeymoon's over! Back to the fray!


The majority of readership

The majority of readership seems to be local. I could probably find out more but I respect the privacy of visitors and don't use all the tools. I will reserve those in case we have some serious abuse. Anonymity is a form of free speech, and I respect that.

No doubt, the ranking of RoanViews in the Sunday Reader helps. As do the links from other sites. We are now linked from The Donkey's Mouth, for instance, which is the TN Democratic Party blog.

It will be interesting to see how many candidates register and post at
RoaneViews as we get nearer to the election. Even though we make no bones about being Progressive and leaning Democratic, Party distinctions mean much less at the local level and everybody is welcome.

Congratulations Mr Creek

This site is a great public service and has the potential to do much good for our community. Thank you Mr. Creek for all your efforts.

Thank you to everyone taking the time to post and comment. By working together .... who knows what will happen.

I still think we should advertise the website locally to generate more participation.

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