Aug 25 2007
09:44 am
By: WhitesCreek

Like any magazine or newspaper, blog sites have a front page and it's the most valuable real estate. In order to let everyone post on the front page we have to use the "break" icon after a few teaser sentences.

Like this:

It's the little box with the line through it above the "body" window when you're writing your blog entry.

Use it or I'll call Grandma...(and you how mean gramma can get, right?)

Whitescreek, thanks for the front page teaser heads-up


Thanks for the front page heads-up! I didn't even realize blogs got put there! I was only looking at recent posts. Mea culpa.

In the future I will use the little pale blue and white teaser symbol teaser symbol to add a "Read more" break.

I certainly don't want "Grandma" after me! -- OneTahiti

No worries

I might eventually just put an auto break on posts but I'd rather folks figure it out. Things will read better that way.

The good thing is we can fix everything so mistakes are no big deal.

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