From Randy Neal:

...the TN GOP's criticism of Gov. Bredesen for regulating nursing homes to protect the lives and wellbeing of seniors while they at the same time propose legislation to protect abusive nursing home operators is astounding in its mendacity and hypocrisy .

I understand Randy's choice of phraseology...

and he uses the words correctly, but the headline on this article in this forum is nothing more than captious caviling and insulting baiting.

Its only purpose of this headline can be to insult. Even the venerable Gerald Largen, Democrat extraordinaire, will readily admit the fact of literate, thinking, people who happen to be Republican, good, and able to form both cogent thoughts and sentences.

I'm not at all sure that it is conducive to the idea of soliciting Roane Views if people are to see posts made for the sole purpose of insulting all of a certain group of individuals. In case folks here haven't noticed, there is NOT a diversity of views very often presented here. I submit that may be for a reason. If those with differing views are to be disparaged, or if they are to be insulted as ignorant and illiterate because they hold a certain set of views, then why should one waste his/her time in expressing said views in tis forum?

Not everybody that is a Republican has the linguistic skills of George Bush. Not everybody that is Democrat has the driving and drinking skills of Ted Kennedy.

Mayhap is "RoaneViews" actually a misnomer for what should be called "WhitesCreekViews?"


Sorry, RB

I try not to castigate anyone with well reasoned and referenced opinions on this site. I don't like name calling or recycled slurs, but I do like thoughtful clever humor, even though mine doesn't rise to that level very often. I thought the headline cut both ways.

This site makes no bones about the fact that it is a Progressive/Liberal/Democratic-leaning site, though I personally support thoughtful competent people such as Judge Wicks, Russel Johnson, and some very few others who for some unknown reason register as Republicans.

As far as what RoaneViews being WhitesCreek views all I can say is, "Well, Duh!"

...But that is only part of it. It's also RoaneBooster Views, Harrimanite views, Tyler Views, and anyboy else's views who follows the few simple rules. Not only that but our number of registered Users grows each week and so has our traffic. Some people want to post opinions and argue their side and some want to read the discussions without participating. That's fine. But if someone wants a site where they can post call names and talk bad about someone without backing it up with specifics...This isn't it.

We have open registration and even allow anonymous comments, although the latter is under consideration on many sites across the web and may change here, too, one day.

Just so you know, there has only been one post deleted since this site began and that was for a potentially slanderous statement that can't be allowed to stand for legal reasons which are clearly stated in the rules.

So here's the deal...I get to post, you get to post, and anyone else who wants to post gets to post...And then everybody gets to speak from the peanut gallery.

The part of the point is to have fun but even better than that...You get to try and prove me wrong.

What could be more fun than that?


As far as what RoaneViews

As far as what RoaneViews being WhitesCreek views all I can say is, "Well, Duh!"

My laugh for the day.

Actually, bzzgrrl...

it is a good giggle, isn't it :-)


I'm not at all sure...

"You get to try and prove me wrong."

I'm not at all sure that anybody under any circumstances could ever do that.




Good point, Mark!

I will be only TOO happy to join in condemnation of captious caviling no matter who puts it out. It is as wrong for GOP folks to do it as it is for Democrats, Progressives, or anybody else. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and I won't support it regardless of who does it.

Very good point, sir!


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