photo of West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department in action, 2007, by C. Mead, used with permission   Three cheers for the fine Firefighters and First Responders of our WRCVFD! These amazing men and women not only fight fires but are also our First Responders for medical emergencies. And they really need our help right now.

Calls for help and costs are up; grants are down.

They get a little help from United Way, but only $5k, maybe $10k? this coming year, only a tiny fraction of their spartan budget. And state and federal support is mostly nonexistent.

Our fire and First Responder protection is heavily dependent on donations from us, the people and businesses whom they safeguard. Their budget is 6 figures, and should be even more to pay for essentials such as more hydrants and defibrillators.

Defibrillators save lives. If a victim can get a defibrillator used within 4 minutes, he or she is 5+ times more likely to live than otherwise. Survivability can be 30% to 40%!

I hear that just one turn-out outfit for one firefighter costs about $4000. And that doesn't count the rest of the equipment needed.

detail from photo of West Roane County Volunteer Firefighter by Charlie Mead, used with permission
detail#2 from digital painting of West Roane County Volunteer Firefighter  

Did you know that last year only about 240 property owners out of the over 2000 here contributed anything at all? No, I didn't leave off a zero. :( Only 240. And some of the most valuable properties gave nothing! Yet we all enjoy our Volunteer Fire Department's selfless protection. None of the members gets paid--everyone is completely volunteer.

The department still owes over $35k on our newest fire truck, Station #1 needs new doors, Station #2 is still very minimal, and Station #3 is a long way from built. We need a lot more hydrants and a defibrillator in every emergency vehicle.

This year, why don't we give the West Roane County Fire Department a big, much-needed surprise: let us ALL give our support now; their twice-yearly drive is just starting.

In case you were wondering, WRCVFD is an IRS Section 501(c)(3) organization; all donations are tax-deductible.

We can show our support on the web site (via Paypal), or make your support go even farther by using old-fashioned mail:

P.O. Box 417
Rockwood, TN 37854

Ideas on how to make this happen, anyone?

By the way, you can read more about this busy department and see pictures of them in action over at their web site at:

-- OneTahiti

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