Feb 28 2008
08:07 am
By: WhitesCreek

I suggest skipping the press release and reading the actual poll if you want real information. Everybody is spinning this thing into nonsense. (Happens in a political year)


I did find this interesting:

Gov. Phil Bredesen has proposed offering state-sponsored pre-kindergarten education to all children in the state, regardless of income. Among conservatives, less-educated males are the least supportive, and less-educated females are the most supportive.

I bet we could write a book on that particular finding.


Holy moly, WC - We could write books on SEVERAL of these findings. Gotta go back and read taking more time. But a 10-minute read-through revealed a lot.

Has the Gov proposed how he would pay for the pre-K program?

I'm not surprised about the less-educated males (duh!), but I am mildly surprised about the less-educated females.

I would support almost anything that could help to make a dent in the wide-spread cultural illiteracy, which can start at pre-K and K, IMHO. That applies to kids of all financial backgrounds.

This is most interesting. I'm glad you saw this and brought it to our attention, WC.


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